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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Welcome to my lofty (labor of) love story! This love has taught me patience, endurance, agility, and an immeasurable appreciation for the little details. For those new to the party, I am so glad you're here! I'm Shayla, your concierge behind the Plant Penthouse. Come take a walk down memory lane to see where this studio project started - and where we're headed! A beautiful view lies ahead (if I do say so myself), and I am beyond excited for you to see the finished product very soon. I promise this one will be worth the wait.

With that, pack a snack and let's go for a stroll (...or a scroll) behind the scenes into my creative studio design progress. Along the journey, you'll see me giving a special thanks to TileBar for sponsoring the vibrant tile you'll see around Plant Penthouse II. I am so grateful!


Another Plant Penthouse, eh? I do believe the answer to this question is where the love story begins. In July, I knew the time had come to start thinking about what's next? Because the OG Plant Penthouse is also my home in Minneapolis, it isn't the right venue to lovingly host the masses. She just plays one on TV (...or IG) ;). I envisioned a space where I could host plant and styling workshops, events, bring clients, and just, create. So the search began.

For those wondering how each space I create is a penthouse, I'm here as your concierge to tell ya! Whenever a “penthouse” is usually mentioned, the automatic thought is usually one of exclusivity. Well, not anymore! Thanks to a marketing refresh, a penthouse can be defined as any unit with a different layout from others in the building, ample outdoor space, or premium views; and it’s not necessarily on the top floor!

With that in mind, after stumbling upon this commercial studio in Northeast Minneapolis, I immediately saw the potential for something greater. I’m here to tell you we each have the ability to cultivate our own elevated and vibrant dwelling experience, regardless of the size, location, or circumstance. Turning industrial lofts into tropical getaways is my new past-time.



Let me start by saying when my lease commenced in September, I naively estimated this to be a 2-3 month project. For those who have done any type of renovations...particularly in the last 2 years, I have since learned the error of my ways. Let's laugh (cry) together. Sprint forward 6 months today, and even I could use a refresher on where this design scheme began! I knew I wanted to create an unexpected yet inviting tropical oasis and set out to tackle the largest impact project first: operation tile makeover. Who remembers our Fall voting rounds to decide on plant tile design direction?! With the final numbers tallied in favor of the Tropez Foliage Artisan Décor Porcelain Tile, as a visual person it was extremely helpful to order samples (with TileBar you can order 5 for $5!) and use the TileBar room visualizer to envision my final tile design. You'll have to see for yourself (compared below) just how close the tool mock-up matches the final install! I was AMAZED.

For a design pit-stop (there's a lot to take in down memory lane), here's a peek into overall studio mood I am traveling towards. Pinks and greens make me feel like sunshine, and the tile you'll see throughout Plant Penthouse II will be the perfect vehicle for our ride.


I just knew I could really create something special using tile (and I have been blessed with a landlord who is allowing full creative freedom!). If you can't tell already, I am ecstatic to say the tile is looking even better in person than I imagined! My expectations continue to being exceeded all around, making this project well worth the wait. I MEAN TAKE A LOOK:

This is a true instance of everything happening for a reason, because the black and gold combination against the green variations makes SUCH a statement. This tile has a textured feel that takes the completed mural to new heights. I will be escaping to the tropics each time I step into the kitchenette -- which will be officially known as the 'Green' room. I'm naming my rooms like I name my plants, so feel free to chime in if something speaks to you. ;)

The Tropez tile quickly became the focal point for my Green Room design. Do you see that SPARKLE AND SHINE?! With so many shade variations to pick up, I immediately fell in love with the Portmore Green wall tile to compliment our accent wall. For visual contrast, I went with the 4x4 Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile and 3x8 varieties for the adjacent walls. No wall in the Green Room will be left untiled and I have no regrets!

Once my green tiles arrived for the adjacent walls, I played around with different layouts until I landed on what you see here! This is yet again where having a great tiler will come in handy to chat through final ideas-and grout selection! Talk about the details that will keep you up at night!


From here, it will be time for installation of a cute coffee bar, sink and PAINT - life is being breathed into the space with each day that passes. My how far we've come!

And oh, lest we forget the BATHROOM! As much as we love a good linoleum x blue mermaid wallpaper combo, a little refresh never hurt anyone - so the journey begins. Anyone want to help me steam wallpaper off the walls...please? I am accepting emotional support and serious inquiries.

Well, here you have it! Thank you for trekking on this winding journey to see the current state of Plant Penthouse II! So much more to come, but wow, the hike to get here was well worth the view.


Here is the full product listing for those who want to get to shopping (TileBar provided these materials in exchange for sharing my experience with you lovely Penthouse Residents!):

On the docket: Jena Holliday, the phenomenal artist and owner of Spoonful of Faith is blessing my space with the tropical mural of my dreams and I cannot wait to share the final vision for this new space. If you have any questions, I'm here! Until then, keep your eyes peeled for Housewarming planning! We're going to make this piece of NE Minneapolis our own oasis.

Big hugs, so much love, and do Stay tuned for the After!

xx Shayla

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