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The Bedroom Bliss Chronicles: a Home Design Tale of Tranquil Transformation

Ah, dear Reader, our paths intertwine once again! In this literature of home decor, the bedroom takes center stage, a pivotal character whose palette sets the tone for a narrative of either seamless eloquence or lingering disquiet...

Within the pages of this Design Tale of Tranquil Transformation, I raise my quill to Handy Paint Products as the protagonist (and Plant Penthouse partner) of my dreams. Accompany me on this narrative voyage, where I recount my quest in pursuit of the perfect hue that would transform my bedroom loft into a sanctuary where serenity is the final word.

The Loft Prelude: Setting the Stage

In the vibrant narrative of home design, the loft above my condo unfolded as a captivating canvas for a tale of tranquil transformation. Elevated above the daily hustle, this airy sanctuary awaited a painter's brush to infuse joy and vibrancy into its open expanse.

The loft, with its open embrace, posed a unique challenge—to create an atmosphere that radiated happiness from every corner, a cheerful haven nestled within the heart of my bustling abode.

Embarking on this journey of loft living brought forth a distinctive challenge—harmonizing colors in a space without natural divisions. The bedroom, snug within this loft retreat, beckoned for a palette that seamlessly flowed from one end to the other. Challenge accepted.

A Prose Palette: Entryway Dreams and Bedroom Reality

In the early chapters of my home design chronicle, the entryway stood as a blank canvas, and Sherwin Williams Vogue Green emerged as a leading contender for reinvention. Enchanted by its name, I envisioned a verdant welcome that echoed its stylish moniker. Yet, a discerning eye recognized the need for a deeper resonance, prompting a pivot to Sherwin Williams Rock Garden.

Sherwin Williams Green Paint sampled on a white wall
Oh, the colors my Handy Roller Cup has seen this year...

The initial strokes, though promising, revealed a hue that felt a touch too ethereal for the grand entrance. Determined to find the perfect entryway overture, a final encore unfolded with Sherwin Williams Roycroft Bottle Green—a rich, sophisticated choice that transformed the entry into a space worth savoring, with Paint Worth the Wait.

As I searched for the perfect hue (yet again), a delightful twist unfolded. Vogue Green, once relegated to the sidelines, lingered in my heart as a shade too exquisite to be forgotten.

Recognizing its lush potential as the perfect companion to the entryway's verdant tones, I welcomed it back into this tale as a tranquil accent for my bedroom. With sophisticated charm, it emerged as the anchor of cohesion, transcending traditional color boundaries. This unexpected union with Roycroft Bottle Green set the stage for a literary narrative of cheerful shades, transforming my loft into a radiant sanctuary of joy and vibrancy, like turning the pages of a captivating novel.

The journey from my entryway dreams to the bedroom reality was marked by twists and turns, ultimately weaving a narrative of color that harmonized the spaces with an unexpected grace. The evolving palette became not just a choice of paint but a narrative thread, connecting the chapters of my home with a delightful continuity.

Tools of Tranquility: The Handy Products Manuscript

Any other paint loyalists out there? After the fourth time repainting The Plant Penthouse entryway, our story arc is locked in at this point in time. While Sherwin Williams is the preferred paint, Handy Products are the trusted tools along this creative journey. They effortlessly navigate through the twists and turns of my evolving vision, adapting to get the job done without deviation (...even when I change course).

In the metamorphosis of my bedroom haven, Handy Products played a pivotal role as the unsung heroes behind the scenes. What stood out most in this transformative journey was the sheer ease and efficiency that Handy tools brought to my creative process. Armed with the Handy Roller Cup, specifically designed for mini-rollers and small projects, and Handy Roller Cup Liners (which reduced the clean-up fuss and streamlined the preparation phase), I effortlessly patched up imperfections on my walls, creating a flawless canvas for the impending Vogue Green transformation. Its versatility and precision become the brushstrokes that define intricate details in these lofty chronicles.

The Handy Paint Tray and Handy Paint Tray Liners stepped in as reliable companions for my larger painting needs, ensuring a seamless application of color that mirrored the vision in my mind with swift artistry.

Meanwhile, the Handy Paint Covers proved invaluable, preserving the freshness of my chosen hues between each painting session. These covers, both practical and symbolic, ensured that my carefully chosen paints stayed vibrant and ready for application whenever inspiration struck (...quite often this year); and embody the commitment to sustaining the tools that contribute to the evolving story.

As my storyline developed, the synergy between Handy Products and SW Vogue Green became readily apparent. The seamless application facilitated by my Handy tools accentuated the depth and richness of Vogue Green, turning my lofted bedroom space into a harmonious chapter of color and function. This Penultimate Chapter of my bedroom transformation resonates with the essence of tranquility and the artistry of transformation, marking a turning point in The Plant Penthouse's grand story.

A Bedroom Blissfully Chronicled and Tranquilly Transformed

As the final chapter of my bedroom’s narrative unfolded, Sherwin Williams Vogue Green graced the pages (…or walls) with its serene prose. Each stroke of paint was a carefully crafted sentence, weaving a riveting tale of transformation. In the closing pages of "The Bedroom Bliss Chronicles: A Design Tale of Tranquil Transformation," Handy Paint Products emerged as the protagonist we’ve grown to truly love, ensuring the story reached its jubilant end.

With Handy Paint Products woven into the manuscript, cherished companions for both seasoned professionals and devoted DIY enthusiasts (like me) found a place to call home in this riveting storyline; not only simplifying any narrative's (…er, projects) progression but imbuing the entire painting odyssey with a touch of literary delight.

Here's to a home brimming with the eloquence of tranquility, a spectrum of colors that tell a story, and the artistry of a well-painted space. In every brushstroke, a turning page; in every hue, a new chapter—transforming mere walls into a living, breathing novel of serenity and style. Cheers to a home that resonates with the whispers of timeless tales, where each room unfolds as a beloved book, and the wonder of a beautifully painted haven is eternally bound between the covers of comfort and joy!



The Plant Penthouse is a flora-inspired interiors and lifestyle brand founded by Minnesota native, Shayla Owodunni. Since Shayla's early days as a boisterous kindergartner insistent on wearing neon knee-highs with brightly-printed dresses, curating vibrant juxtapositions (like a tropical oasis in Minneapolis) has become a joy-filled way of life.

Through plant care education, home décor inspiration and tastemaking tidbits, this is our residence to reimagine ‘posh’ penthouse concepts for life’s everyday moments—because here, we believe there is opulence to embrace in each dwelling space; regardless of size, location or circumstance.

Shayla has contributed to The Jason Show, Twin Cities Live, Artful Living, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and Wit & Delight; with features by HGTV, HomeGoods, Apartment Therapy, Star Tribune, Midwest Home, Mercury Mosaics and The Wall Street Journal.


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What beautiful and serene spaces you have created. It is amazing how paint can completely transform a room. The right tools make those big jobs less daunting, right? I always wind up putting multiple swatches on the wall in different places in the Room in order to find the perfect color. I love the process you went through, and clearly the finished product is stunning!

Replying to

Thank you so very much, Jill! Isn't it something what a little paint and attention can create? I love your process of swatching in several locations. Lighting and time of day can produce a completely unexpected hue! Each day now feels like a retreat, so it means the most you took the time to come along on the journey! xxx Shayla

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