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The Art of Elevating Your Everyday: 6 Home Decor Essentials for Nesting in Style

A girl reaching for a matcha tea surrounded by books on a table
Sipping on a matcha surrounded by books is my idea of a life well-lived. How about you?

After any length of travel, I love to refresh my home. And like clockwork, the October calm before the holiday hustle finds me in a somewhat hurried state of at-home nesting. All of a sudden, those scuffs on the wall *require* touch-ups, the living room must be rearranged, and aesthetic inspiration abounds. This annual home edit is driven by, what my doctorate in Google affirms to be a way of making your home a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at peace. Nesting usually involves the arranging and decorating of your living space in a way that reflects your personal style, establishing a sense of comfort and security, and making your home feel like a welcoming and inviting place. I suppose this internal switch is the loudest method for my soul to shout WINTER IS COMING. As I peer out of my snow-filled Minneapolis window panes on October 31st, 2023, this mental recalibration has yet again, proven correct. As we speak, my Christmas tree and the Hallmark Channel are making an early exit out of retirement (...and I thank you in advance for your love and support in reaching such a difficult decision).

I do not believe there is a right or wrong way to nest and nurture your home (as I love to say, "When you see yourself in your space it becomes a happy place."), however, I do have a few everyday essentials that are tried and true for elevating my space regardless of the season. While this gives me the opportunity to make the old feel new again, I also love to treat myself to a few fresh finds, too!

Partnership Announcement

Right on time (and on brand!) for the holiday season, I am absolutely elated to be partnering with Bachman's to infuse this season ahead with the storied warmth of tradition and the joys of nurturing a life well-lived through style inspiration. Growing up with plant parents that frequented Bachman's shops, it is a true joy to collaborate with a brand that has naturally weaved itself into my life (...and spending habits). With that, I've incorporated a host of timeless home decor essentials that you can find (and I scooped up) at Bachman's! For those who cannot make it in-store, I'll provide links to what's available online as we saunter through my top six essentials. And for those within reach for live inspiration, I highly recommend grabbing a latte and fine baked good(s) from Patrick's in their Minneapolis Greenhouse and taking a stroll at your leisure - it is what dreams are made of.

Was that enough time for you to steep your tea? While mine is piping hot, let's sip to it! CHEERS to nesting in style.

Essential #1: Coffee Table Books

Matching your decor color palette to your books is a quick way to effortlessly incorporate your collection.

There are few things I justify more than an aesthetically pleasing hardcover coffee table book. Books are the one item ( addition to plants) that you will find on just about every surface of my abode. I stack them by color or topic depending on the season, as I find them to be effortless decor, sources of inspiration, and natural conversation starters. And did I mention they never go out of style?

To give all of my books their chance in the limelight, I rotate based on the vignette I am seeking to create at the moment. I usually stick with three colors at a time for visual symbiosis. Right now, Plantopedia, Bloom, The Little Book For Plant Parents, and a host of beverage and entertaining books are at the top of my styling stack. Leaning on the power of three, you will also notice I design in three's (and sometimes 4 if I'm feeling daring) when it comes to objects as well. Example: Black Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Coups + Plantopedia Book + Basil (plant and cylindrical planter from Bachman's!) = complete decor movement that feels elevated. Voilat!

Essential #2: Candles and their accoutrements

From candlesticks to candle holders, snuffers and wick trimmers; like the Pokemon saying of old goes: I gotta catch 'em ALL. I mean, what says I dwell in elegance and have my life together more than extinguishing a candle flame with a snuffer that serves double duty as décor? I don’t make the rules!

Whether you use holders as standalone decor or pair them with tapered candles, this is a fun way to add personality in a form that doesn't weigh down the eye. I found these baubled candlestick holders at Bachman's to pair with some existing candles for a femininely warm-hued October tablescape. For my buffet table, the black holders have been sitting vacant for YEARS, so when I chanced upon the green marbled tapered candlesticks (also from Bachman's), I knew I had the perfect piece to complete my visual vignette. This is about as 'neutral' as I go when mixing colors, and it is a welcomed moment of calm when my eyes scan the room.

Essential #3: Decorative Vessels

If plants are the vehicle, planters are the steering wheel that help guide you to your desired design aesthetic! While I love print, pattern and color as much as the next maximalist, one area where I crave neutrality and cohesion is with my planter selections. I hold to a palette of primarily black, with brown, creme, and pops of gold for interest. This allows my plants to do the talking. While all plants stand united in their green-hued glory, their patterns, shapes and sheens are my focal point for individuality to prevent too much visual competition. This is a decision that is 100% personal preference, so if you are a polka-dotted, striped or two-toned maven, do not hesitate to go forth and conquer your domain! If you are seeking cohesion amidst a collaboration of prints and patterns, I would recommend that you proceed with a repeated color palette across your space to ground your essentials.

And remember:

"When you see yourself in your space, it becomes a happy place." – Your Plant Penthouse Concierge, Shayla

You've got this.

Essential #4: Plant care, but make it fashion...and Fun

Fact: watering cans can be a fun way to infuse personality! This was a no-brainer add-to-cart moment from Bachman's.

Disclaimer: I choose my plants and accompanying tooling solely based on aesthetic. The hammered brass mister, tan watering can, sheers, Sol Soils topper in Sedona Red (amazing for gnat prevention!) and even my bags of Rosy soil(!) all must serve an aesthetic purpose to earn precious real-estate around my home. In the words of one of my favorite design philosophers, William Morris, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." Who said caring for plants had to be a bore?

Essential #5: Fresh Florals

We love an abundance of fresh bouquets around The Plant Penthouse! They have a finite moment to shine, add an air of elegance, and we love them all the more for it. Because I do prefer a wide reaching range of color at home, as with books and planters, I choose florals that compliment their final resting place to promote an ambiance of cohesion. For example, you can usually expect to see creme-forward florals on my buffet table and warmer shades of pink around my dining area. What colors speak to you? If you are unsure, pick a stationary decor item, such as a rug, picture, paint, or fixture, and use that as your color palette for shade shopping. Unexpected color juxtapositions can also drive home personality, so never be afraid to experiment! Multi-toned arrangements make just as much of an impact as monochrome mediums. This is your home, after-all!

Essential #6: HousePlants

Would this be The Plant Penthouse, if I didn't book-end with my babies?! Now for the moment we've all been waiting for, the pièce de résistance: INDOOR PLANTS.

To add hued personality, my first style selection is always flowering tropicals. While we just touched on fresh flowers, flowering plants remain in the land of the living (with proper care and prayers) far longer than their cut counterparts. Take the Orchid (our pet-safe beauty) for example. Orchids make many plant parents feel defeated, but not you! Know that most Orchids only bloom once per year. However, the blooms last anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks, outlasting that beautiful bouquet. Give these bright-indirect light (5 to 6 hours of daily sunshine), tailored soil (like a sphagnum moss or orchid mix), and patience (with yourself...& the Orchid) in it's dormant season, and see new blooms for years to come. Orchids and Anthuriums (pictured below), as well as Bromeliads come in just about every shade of the rainbow. Whether I need an unexpected or scheme-aligned color moment, these never disappoint.

The next plant you will see in abundance in my everyday design moments is the easy care Pothos. I adore them. The Silver satin pothos (Scindapsus pictus) is my all time favorite for it's naturally printed leaves, subtle sheen, and ability to tolerate low-light conditions. And for a tabletop that feels like your own farm-to-table restaurant, keeping an assortment of fresh herbs is my after summer option. If your goal is to channel the tropics year-round (guiltly), incorporating a lush palm or monstera is a wonderful way to bring the vacation right indoors. No flight required.

Nest, then rest

What is on your nesting list? Please do comment below! Whether you're seeking organization, comfort, home improvement projects, ambiance curation or a mix of all of the above, it is such a special desire to want to make the spaces where we dwell feel like home. After it's all said and done, I hope you find a spot right in the middle to rest and revel in your accomplishments. You can always relight the flame. Here's to making your home a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at peace, always.

Big hugs always,

xx Shayla


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