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Updated: Sep 23, 2023

My favorite plants right now, and forever always, are hands down the Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia for you scientific plant lovers!), Monstera Deliciosa (I have three of each!), and the tried and true Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)! These plants automatically provide a lush, tropical personality to any space and are not high on the maintenance scale—a true win-win for this plant parent!

Through more plant funerals than I’d prefer to name, I’ve accepted that succulents and I are not meant to be. They enter my doors and lose their will to live almost immediately, so I’ve learned that just as in life, with plants it is oh-so important to stay in your lane! As I sit here (moderately) mourning the loss of my recent Frizzle Sizzle purchase, I can confirm succulents are NOT in my lane!

What should you start with?

If I HAD to choose: grab a pothos, for THREE reasons!

1. Pothos are easy going in that they will tolerate low-light conditions.

2. While pothos do prefer a chance to dry out in between waterings (i.e. when the top inch of soil has dried out), Pothos provide a great visual care reminder for new plant parents. What I mean is they droop when they need water (so you will NEVER be confused if your pothos needs a drink!) and if you’re heavy-handed (which I was guilty of when I first started!) wilting, brown leaves and/or soaked (passed the point of being ‘moist’) soil will remind you to let up.

3. Pothos are very easy to propagate, so they are the gift that can keep on giving at all plant skill levels!

How do you keep plants alive?

Much, MUCH more on this in posts to come, but here's my quick answer: Upon a closer look, you will notice that most all of my plants are within the Araceae plant family (Monsteras, Pothos, philodendrons, anthuriums to name a few!). Through years of trial, error, and tears with a plethora of plant varieties, I am proud to say that within the Araceae family, our love is consistently mutual—and why I so eagerly refer these kiddos to my new plant parents.


Adrina Jones
Adrina Jones
Mar 26, 2021

Do you have any advise for split leaf philodendrons? So far this is my favorite plant. however I need help on what they need, when to repot, and also i don't want to over water them! I need serious help!!!!


Heading out to buy these 3 beginner plants asap! Love your blog and thank you for sharing😊

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