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Shayla, at your service!

Did I mention I’m SOOOO happy you’re here?!

If I had to summarize myself, I’d say I have a passion for bringing joy, building relationships, empowering others, creating, and facilitating change.

I’m an expressive soul (blame middle child syndrome ) who loves to laugh, uses ‘so’ a LOT, LOVES capitalizing words, and overuses emojis...working on that! Ice cream, baked goods and French fries are my favorite food groups, and plant parenting is now a lifestyle! 

By day, I run a management consulting firm that I named Corporate Carpentry Consulting. I build business process improvement strategies, provide blueprints for information privacy & compliance controls readiness, and equip clients with the PM tools they need to measure twice and cut once!


While my management consulting business, Corporate Carpentry, currently occupies the ‘full-time’ job slot (putting the good ‘ol accounting degree to use); educating and empowering with vibrant and sustainable solutions is at the core of each venture. Thriving within the walls we call home is very important to me, so being able to infuse full-time joy into the dwelling spaces of others via The Plant Penthouse is a dream come true!

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Shayla Owodunni is a Minnesota native whose love of plants inspired her to turn her city condo into a verdant wonderland.

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