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Updated: Feb 14, 2022

It's the holiday season! Gift giving is never a one size fits all – and the same goes for the plant parents on your list. While so many are stepping into plant parenthood this year, what a wonderful time to cherish the person they are, while acknowledging their flora-filled lifestyle. With that, here are my favorite holiday gift ideas for the 5 types of plant parents in your life!



Plantable Seed Cards or Paper for Stationery, Crafts, Card-making & Printing

Undoubtedly, paper embedded with a mix of wildflower seeds is truly the gift that keeps on giving. This is the year to be more personal and send that stationary or snail mail - with a twist!

  • Available from shops like PaperSource or Etsy by searching ‘Plantable Seed Cards' or 'Seed Paper Cards’; or create your own note via Cute Root (featured above and based right in Minneapolis - can you believe?! You know I love to shop local.).

Set above from MarissaKayApothecary on etsy, with various stationary packs of 6 ranging from $18 - $20.00 .

Printer Safe Seed Paper featured above for around $11.00 for 10 sheets.



In a May article by AARP, Puzzle makers say sales are up 300 to 370 percent over what they were this time a year ago! So, let's hop on this trend with a few plant-centric puzzles & memory games for a little relaxation and mindfulness.

Jigsaw Puzzles and Memory Games are oh-so wonderful for a relaxing, and mindful activity. All featured problem-solving gifts were picked out at Minneapolis-based shops including Foxwell Shoppe, Browne & Greene, and Tonkadale but can be purchased online as well.



Virtual Experiences

I did a live Airbnb online experience called Propagating Plants with Hilton Carter and it opened my eyes to how fun—and worthwhile online classes and workshops can be to help enthusiasts along plant parenting journey.

Plantiful Books

A few favorites in my personal collection, include:

  1. Wild at Home and Wild Interiors by Hilton Carter

  2. The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng

  3. Plant Parenting by Leslie F. Halleck

  4. The Little Book of House Plants by Emma Sibley

  5. & Recently picked up ‘Plant Therapy’ by Dr. Katie Cooper on how indoor greenery can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.



Personal plant Cuttings & Propagation Stations to House Them

Plant cuttings are a fun (and affordable!) way to gift your favorite plants. For a decorative finish, propagation stations come in all shapes and sizes – ranging from beakers to bookends.

Note: The one featured is from HomeGoods, but you can also check out local garden or home décor stores, or get creative with your own (be it a glass soda bottle or wine glass!).

Tip: To give your plant cutting the best chance of gifted survival, I recommend making your cut below a node (that brown bump you see pictured!).


Plants and Pots

Plants and pots are a sweet route for plant parents old and new, with a few detours!

If you are not sure of the skill-level or home environment (lighting, etc.) of your plant parent, consider the following:
  1. Take hints from what they already own – you can use that for recommendations at your local plant shop/nursery!

  2. Go for an easy-care plant that can tolerate low light. My go-tos are (1) a philodendron cordatum or pothos variety, and (2) the zz.

  3. A gift card to a local plant shop—another great way to support local!

  4. Don’t have a local plant shop? Go online! Bloomscape, The Sill and The Spruce come highly reviewed.


Well there ya have it! And if you'd like to watch about this planty gift guide, I've got you covered with my latest Jason Show segment below, because we like to give around here. :)

Happiest of Holidays my Penthouse Residents!

<3 Your Concierge, Shayla

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