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Updated: Feb 14, 2022

My excitement is overflowing that you're here to visit!

Let's talk interior styling and how this little concrete jungle journey came to life!

Styling my wardrobe and personal surroundings has always been a means of creative expression for me, so the thought of transitioning from personal hobby to public-facing project was nothing more than a distant dream!

However, once friends, then friends of friends, then social media acquaintances turned friends began reaching out with humbling appreciation for my home, plant care and styling advice requests, and exciting progress updates, it all culminated into the confidence to start this blog, The Plant Penthouse! The Plant Penthouse is dedicated to inspiring and showcasing ways to live a more vibrantly styled life.

Speaking of Penthouses, did you know that a "penthouse" can be ANY unit with a different layout from others in the building, ample outdoor space, and/or primo views? And it's not necessarily on the top floor! This means we EACH have the space to cultivate a penthouse experience; no matter the size, location or circumstance. And I SO look forward to inspiring you through my plant penthouse to bring yours to life. 💚

You can expect to see interior styling and DIY moments, lifestyle shares, & NATURALLY, a culmination of all the plant parenting I’ve learned along the way (with north of 80 plant bebes...and counting (wowza)...I CLEARLY like my money where I can see it!).


Because the Penthouse experience is always accompanied by a trusted concierge, what started out as an idea to simply share my interior and plant styling views through blogging organically (and quickly!) elevated into the plant styling arm of this operation, Penthouse Concepts. Penthouse Concepts brings my ‘concierge’ services to style seekers new and old desiring a curated, and sustainable, introduction to this vibrant plant life!

Penthouse Concepts is rooted around interior styling and consulting with an emphasis on infusing color, pattern, and you guessed it, plants!

The plant concierge service begins with an on-location consultation (sessions held virtually as well!) for a tour of the space seeking a penthouse view. This time allows us to discuss everything from intended goals, personal style, experience with plant care (for example, will this be their first plant child or are they already an Auntie to 12?), lifestyle and overall budget. Whether a client has a clean slate or a specific design in mind, I am on the job to breathe life into the space with intentionality, longevity, and style!

Again, welcome home and I will be providing new styling tips for inspiration and implementation every Sunday!


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