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Updated: Feb 14, 2022

First, I need you to know it is currently -15 degrees in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And leave it to Pinterest to speak to my longing thoughts of dream-worthy getaways with fanciful, albeit very applicable, quotes (on stylized backgrounds, of course).

My latest pin went something like this:

"I googled my symptoms. Turns out I just need a vacation."

With a single proverbial tear cascading, the need for a getaway has been echoing in my SPIRIT. Am I dramatic? Absolutely. But the emotion was very much REAL. Can you relate?

With my craving for a getaway growing with each day of my January 2021 free trial (...I've since subscribed), I was absolutely humbled when Meet Minneapolis reached out to partner for their 'Get Away Without Going Far' staycation campaign; to stay one night at a local hotel. To that, I said just tell me WHEN AND WHERE.

Knowing this girl's [plant lady] lifestyle, the answer was Hotel Emery. Allow me to explain with a montage of this absolute sanctuary, built in 1907 as the Woodland Bank and renovated just to my liking in 2019:

Now THIS is how you bring the outdoors in.
Lest we forget, Hotel Emery has been ranked in Condé Nast Traveler's 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards as the #2 hotel in the Midwest, AND #29 in THE WORLD!

Let us take a quick moment to look up my friends (well, literally, down at the next picture) because Hotel Emery installed ceiling Solatubes (the first of it's kind!), which are essentially mirrors that sit atop the roof and provide natural light to the plant babies!


Hotel Emery Lobby with Plants
The definition of bringing the outdoors IN.

Alright, now that you've seen my living room (formerly known as the Emery Hotel lobby), allow me to share how much I enjoyed my stay. The room was spacious, without being overdone - and I am very (VERY) particular when it comes to cleanliness (my sister refers to me as 'Ms. New Bougie...let's say, lovingly). For those keeping score at home, my room received a solid 10; which is appreciated even more so in the current times we're in.

I took a short stroll to Boludo (and most definitely returned back to my room to enjoy my churros in bed), took a nap (what better time), and RELAXED before indulging in the most wonderful pasta feast from Giulia right onsite! I'm realizing with all the hustle and bustle of this last year, I am consciously relearning what the word 'relax' actually means, and this was a wonderful start.

And don't even get me started on the Spyhouse Coffee Lounge. A zoom background for your next call? Start the meeting. A Covid-precautious afternoon getaway? Make it a Spygirl with oat milk (and a Black Walnut Bakery pastry), THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Spyhouse will also be blessing our lives with a brunch menu, so meet you there?

While you're here, please help me figure out a way to move in. My suitcase is still packed from this staycation, so I am ready when you are.

Well, this was fun, friends! As I leave you with my best influencer poses, I want to encourage you to support local, and get that R&R in. Whether it is an afternoon away or an overnight stay, you've been through a lot and deserve a moment to getaway. <3


xxx your Concierge Shayla


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