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We’re making Penthouse living a lifestyle, Residents!

As I’m sure you have guessed, my lifestyle blog posts will be as eclectic as my plant collection (and kindergarten style, though let's be real, we all know this hasn't changed much ;)!

I am remembering to put her first.


In this space, I will share anything from recipes I’m loving (yes, that is the recipe for the sea-salt, Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookies I bake on HEAVY rotation so enjoy and you are welcome lol), to brands/products I am trying out and want to share with you, to personal style, and all-around everyday life. We'll switch it up from week to week!

After an emotional series of recent life events that hit peak disappointment yesterday (quick summary: the sofa of my dreamy dreams, replacing the one I lost in my Seattle storage fiasco, finally arrived...damaged), let’s focus in on everyday life today, shall we? Stand centerstage because we’re here to talk about putting ourselves first!


The idea of putting myself first is not a concept I have spent much thought on in the past. Did you overlook that part of the script, too? To be honest, I have put more thought into learning about the unique needs of my plants for their health and happiness than I have for my own self! IMAGINE THAT.

As a small business owner, I have made the investment in professional coaching and, unexpectedly, it has expanded into bettering areas of my personal life as well (I truly have a phenomenal coach). One of those personal life byproducts is the commitment to getting better at putting myself first. Such a simple concept when you string the words together on paper, but wow is it powerful for so many reasons!


Often times, making the commitment is the easy part, amirite? Whether it is committing to a more nutritious lifestyle, a new workout regiment, tidying up, or establishing a new standard, honoring that promise with action is where the true test lies!

One way I want to honor this new commitment to put myself first (as a start because there are so many paths to achieve improvement!) is by getting more comfortable saying no.

It is not so much the act of having a standard, or even saying no, it is the process of getting to the no...and not perseverating on it after. I don't know about you, but setting boundaries for what I will and will not accept has been on a sliding scale depending on the situation. While there are absolutely situations where adjustments are necessary, I want to improve how often I adjust that lever!


An example of this hit home for me yesterday. After walking a LONG and winding road, I felt like I was finally reaching my destination to home comfort with the delivery of my fun new sofa. Along the way, as I raised concerns about the process (and even requested to cancel the order due to the prolonged circumstances), I felt dismissed and as if my concerns were minimized. I brushed this aside in an effort to keep the relationship amicable, trusting the end result would be worth it.

Through waiting on the furniture company to reciprocate my patience with a decent level of customer service, I put my needs and expectations last to be seen as 'agreeable' and 'understanding'. In this situation, unfortunately, that did NOT pan out as I envisioned!

The furniture company instead used my compromising demeanor as a green light to disrespect my pocketbook and the relationship at large. Can we say BUMMER?! But what a perfect opportunity to put my new found commitment to work! I am standing on my no in this situation. The last thing I want is to agree to keep the sofa, and be holding the regret every time I see that investment!

Which is the interesting part, isn't it? We can get so consumed by how others feel, that in the end, we are the only ones left compromised. I will keep you all updated on this process, but know that this is a moment that I will not be sliding the scale on my boundaries. Less of that, please!

While this sofa saga is but a small example of sticking to personal commitment, I do hope that it empowers you to stay the course on whatever your improvement goal is. I believe in you!

Remember, you are the narrator of this story, and the mic is yours.

All my love <3 Shayla


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