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Let Your Love Grow

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Did somebody say it's the season of LOVE?! What better time to round up a smorgasbord of Plant Penthouse favorites than Valentines Day?!

If you ask me, anytime of year can be used to express true love through the *thoughtful* gifting of a houseplant (aren't you the sweetest!), so I'm here to provide a teaspoon of inspiration to let your love grow. Jump in heart first, and prepare to fall in love. <3

Wouldja Look at These Beauties?! Quick Care Tips Await.



Heart-Shaped Foliage: Philodendron Cordatum (Back Center), Anthuriums (Middle Left + Right), Hoya Kerri (Front Center)

If symbolism is your lane, welcome home! With heart-shaped foliage and an easy-breezy care demeanor (in my humble opinion), any of these houseplants demonstrate that you are confident in the love you share without making a fuss.

  • PHILODENDRON CORDATUM are trailing cuties that appeal to plant parents old and new. A resilient bunch, the Cordatum (which literally means heart-shaped) thrives in bright-indirect light, but can tolerate lower light conditions. When we say bright-indirect (seemingly the most common light preference for tropical houseplants), this means enough light to cast a shadow, but not enough to cause sunburn! In Minnesota, this typically means near a shaded south or west-facing window or directly near north or east window. Just remember, if it is toasty for you, it will most definitely toast the leaves of this plant baby! A cousin to my praiseworthy Pothos, you can read more about those here!

  • ANTHURIUM are a decorative favorite around here for the plethora of color varieties available. Isn't nature phenomenal? Many are surprised to know that the heart-shaped “flowers” of the Anthurium are, in fact, not flowers! But rather, waxy leaves called spathes! Here's a quick science diagram because, why not?!:

  • HOYA KERRI SWEETHEART (pet-safe pick) are slow growers with the loveliest heart-shaped foliage. They can be purchased (and survive) as a single leaf that thrives in bright-direct sunlight. Like well-loved succulents, these do not like a heavy hand in the watering department, so don't drown them in your love! Check on them every few weeks to keep a pulse on your sweetheart.



Striking Variegated Accents: Triostar Stromanthe (Back Left), Aglaonema Red Aurora (Back Right), Philodendron Pink Princess (Middle Left), Euphorbia Trigona (Middle Right), Hoya Carnosa (Front Center)
  • TRIOSTAR STROMANTHE is a member of the prayer plant family (stay up and watch the leaves fold at night)! You will not want to let up on your watering schedule, or prepare for love to be lost. The Triostar loves moisture (think hydrated but not soaking wet), humidity and indirect light - it is a tropical plant, afterall!

  • AGLAONEMA RED AURORA aka the CHINESE EVERGREEN is fond of medium to bright lighting conditions. If you enjoy lively variegation without the high maintenance reputation, allow me to introduce you to the love of your life.

  • PHILODENDRON PINK PRINCESS (‘rare’ plant pick) is the most spendy plant in the bunch, but talk about a conversation starter! Though royal in name, this princess does not cause a stir, so long as she's allowed to rest in bright-indirect light. Without it, she loses her variegated title as the Pink Princess (and will start to look like everyone else).

  • HOYA CARNOSA aka KRIMSON PRINCESS (pet-safe pick) stays on-brand needing bright-indirect light. This Princess likes to store water in her leaves, aligning with a succulent-like care plan. To prevent over-watering, always check the soil. Hoya Carnosas love to trail and may even produce flowers under optimal growing conditions.

  • EUPHORBIA TRIGONA aka the AFRICAN MILK TREE is easily my favorite succulent...and to know my heavy watering hand is to know 'favorite' is not a word I use often with succulent plants, so YOU'RE WELCOME! Also known as the Friendship Cactus, Euphorbia Trigona are slow-growers, making them a faithful indoor plant in bright-indirect light. They are also drought tolerant (a blessing for more...relaxed...plant parents), meaning they do not like excessive moisture, preferring to dry out between waterings (check weekly and water when the top layer of soil is dry to the touch).



Flowering Foliage: Bromeliad Guzmania (Back Left), Cyclamen (Back Right), Bromeliad Vriesea (Center)
  • BROMELIAD GUZMANIA & BROMELIAD VRIESEA (pet-safe picks) bloom once in their lifetime, with a typical bloom lifespan averaging anywhere from 3-6 months! Bromeliads are another easy care flowering plant that serve as an instant incorporation of personality into any space.

  • CYCLAMEN thrive in bright-indirect or direct lighting. With proper care, Cyclamen flowers will come back year after year. To avoid rotting, it is recommended to water your blooming beauty from the bottom. Call me a rebel...but I do not always stick to this and have not had any issues? This is a quintessential *do what works best for you scenario*.



  • Watch 'Em Grow European Bulb Gardens are a fun reminder spring is just around the corner! PRAISE THE GOOD LORD ABOVE. To speed growth, you can place your garden in a warm, bright environment; however, be aware that these conditions will also shorten the duration of the blooms. For more information on these arrangements, you can dive in here.

Watch 'Em Grow European Bulb Garden

  • PLANT PARENT NIGHT OUT? How about gifting a ticket to ‘Smarty Plants’ on Thursday, February 23 from 4-6PM! Smarty Plants is an indoor houseplant event I'm hosting at the Lyndale Bachman’s! An evening filled with bubbly, bites, and educational demonstrations awaits to bring you plant parenting bliss. I’ll be on hand as your personal plant shopper and stylist, my fun friends @solsoils will be rooting up fresh ideas at their Inspiration Station, Katie Meyer of @knottiekatie_ will help you grow with a make and take macrame leaf, AND Bachman's own horticulturist (hi, Heather Johnson!) will lead a seminar on everything you ever wanted to know about indoor plants (so bring alllll your plant related questions!)! Whether you are a seasoned "plant parent" or just starting out, this event will help you take your skills to new heights!

Do you have a favorite plant to gift? When it comes to houseplants, it really is the thought that counts.

BIG HUGS (live footage below) x LOVE ALWAYS.

xxx Shayla


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